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Why Signet?

We resource with integrity and pride ourselves on delivering the very best service.

Our recruitment process works best when we work in complete partnership with the client. Our success rate when working exclusively on roles is over 90%, this is because when we work exclusively we really get to shine, and most importantly your role gets priority treatment.

When Signet agrees to work on a campaign we commit to deliver a process of excellence which means maximum work for us and minimum work for our clients. We manage the recruitment process so you can continue with your day job and forget about the headache of recruitment.

How do we do it?

  • We get to know you; we come to your offices, discuss your needs and build a profile of the candidate you are looking to recruit. We offer advice based on market conditions and challenge when appropriate.
  • We advertise across our own website and the leading job boards, we also make use of our social media presence and promote via LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.
  • We source: from our extensive database, from a referral network, from social media, and also from those who apply. We don't rely on placing an advert and getting a response - our clients could do that themselves.
  • We interview: in 3 stages, we don't want to waste peoples time so we do two forms of telephone screening and then we invite candidates in for a face to face interview.
  • We conduct behavioural interviews based on competencies we have agreed match your business culture. We don't just look at a skills based match, we ensure that they are the right long term solution for your company. Recruitment is expensive. Even more so if you have to do it twice because the candidate with the wrong motivations was recruited into the business.
  • We shortlist. We don't expect you to dedicate your working hours to reading lots of CV's. We will send you a shortlist of no more than four who match the requirements identified in our initial meeting.
  • We send detailed profiles. We have taken the time to interview and we condense those notes into a candidate introduction page which highlights their competencies, strengths and areas which need more delving into in the second stage meeting with the client.
  • We book interviews, do the admin, we advise the candidate to research, we do not over brief as in our experience candidates who don't want to go and prepare themselves tend not to be long lasting matches.
  • Feedback: we take detailed feedback from both parties; our candidates need to know the good and the bad and we pride ourselves on honest delivery.
  • Then we manage the offer process and keep in touch with the successful applicant and wish them luck on their first day. We check in with them periodically through the first year so we can see how they are doing, as we know the value of feedback for all parties concerned.
  • We do all of this so you don't have to and experience tells us it works.
  • We apply this detailed methodology to both interim and permanent placements.
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