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News from Signet - 4th January 2016

When January 4th rolls around you know that the festive period is well and truly over, the mince pies are going stale in the cupboard and all plans of cleaning the fridge of chocolate are underway.  Thoughts of a gym membership seem appealing, and for some, work is not the favourite place to be…

But do you have post holiday blues?

Or is it time to start working on your CV and getting out to see what new opportunities are available.

Signs it is time to start looking for a new job

  1. You dread the return to work more than ever, to the point that it keeps you up at night.  

We all enjoy a break over Christmas, but most people relish the idea of getting back into a routine in January.  Others don’t fancy the idea of going back into the office, but if you are downright dreading walking into the office and sitting at your desk – this is a sign that you may not be in the right role anymore.

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2. You don’t remember what the idea of a work/life balance is.

Working hard is one thing, and in all careers there will be times when you will be required to put in the extra hours to get that new promotion or bonus payment.  However, if you are working hard and staying late every day just to get the job done it may be time to sit down and discuss your role with your manager.  If a resolution can’t be reached, perhaps it is time for a new company to take the benefit of your hard work.

3. The passion has gone.

The average length of stay in a role is around four years, compared to ten years plus in previous generations.  It may be that your role has not changed, or that anything is ‘wrong’ but instead your passion may have simply disappeared for the product or service you manage and it is time to seek a new challenge.

4. You don’t get along with your manager.

Everyone isn’t always matched with everyone, and in some instances the relationship between team member and manager doesn’t work.  Working in a negative environment for a manager who doesn’t inspire you can be challenging to say the least…

It’s time to move on.

5. Your opinions don’t matter

Being recognised at work is important, we are all motivated by being heard and having our ideas recognised.  If you feel that your visions are ideas have no place in your workplace, again, it may be time to look for somewhere that will recognised your creativity and innovation.


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