Signet Resources: Skype Interview Tips

Candidates - 24th October 2012

Matching the perfect candidate to a job can mean searching all over the country (and sometimes even worldwide!)  meaning Skype has become in invaluable tool for recruitment consultants.

Here is our guide on how to prepare for and conduct a Skype interview:

  • Have sure you have all the technological aspects prepared, have laptop charged and make sure your webcam and audio device is working and switched on.
  • If you’re new to Skype have a practise run with a friend so you can tweak all your video and sound setting.
  • Make sure you exchange your Skype username and become a contact with your interviewer well before the interview is due to start.
  • Have your lap top on a sturdy table and make sure you sit up properly on a chair. Don’t be tempted to do the interview on the sofa or worse, in bed.
  • Put yourself in a quiet and tidy room. Try not to do it with laundry in the background or noisy children.
  • Prepare as if you are going to a normal interview, research the company, explore the job description in detail and prepare answers to likely questions.
  • While Skype may have a tendency to feel more informal remember this is an interview; be professional.
  • Don’t forget you and the interviewer can both see each other; don’t start scratching face or twisting hair.
  • Keep eye contact as if you were face to face with the interviewer.
  • Turn off all pop ups, you don’t want to be distracted mid interview by a tweet or email appearing on your screen.
  • Remember to as dress smartly as you would if interviewing in person …however as long as you don’t stand up we believe wearing pyjama bottoms is acceptable.




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