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Candidates - 14th August 2012

Having a happy work force should be every manager’s goal- Happiness maximises team performance, increases creativity and ultimately leads to increased productivity. Here are a few ideas on how to create and maintain a bit of extra happiness in your office.

Recognise EffortsRecognise the efforts of your team. Everybody likes to feel they are appreciated. 

Regular BrainstormingIf the office is noticeably down or quiet initiate a quick brain storming session.  Quick Fire round on each individual’s current problem and get the team to suggest quick ideas to solve them.  

Group LunchesThis allows colleagues to have informal chats and actually relax on their lunch break away from their desks.

Celebrate SuccessBoost morale for the whole team by encouraging mini celebrations; short announcements, clapping or if you’re feeling fancy a bottle of bubbly.

Flowers-Flowers on desks brighten the office with a dash of colour and life-making people smile. A manlier desk option is a physics powered metal gizmo.

Celebrate Calendar EventsCelebrate calendar events. The Jubilee and Olympics this year have already provided excellent opportunities for extra injections of office happiness.

Fruit BasketProviding your team with fruit basket encourages them to eat healthy snacks and looks rather attractive.

Flexitime- Letting your team use flexitime means they can have a more balanced lifestyle and It also makes attending appointments easier.

Birthdays and Duvet DaysSome companies allow team members to take ‘duvet days’ and allow time off on birthdays without having to use up precious holiday. 

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