When should you ask about salary

Candidates - 10th July 2013

The subject of compensation can often be an awkward topic to broach during the interview process. Bringing up money too early on can have a detrimental effect on both how you’re perceived by your potential employer and also on your chances of being selected for the role. It is all a matter of timing.

First and foremost, you must use the interview process to understand the position, get an idea of the company culture and most importantly, sell your skills and personality. You should be driven by the opportunity, not by the salary. If money is brought up by your interviewer, of course cooperate and answer the question, but make sure you stress that what is most important to you is the right opportunity at the right company.

The interview process may be compiled of a number of single interviews and tests. Once you are sure it is over and feel confident about your status, questions about compensation are completely acceptable. Holding out to ask the burning money question until you find out the employer’s final decision can give you the strongest advantage.  If you have been offered the role, you clearly have skills and qualities that the company need or want and are in a situation where you can negotiate if needed.

If you are still unsure about when and how to ask about wage, head over to our Twitter and Facebook pages to ask any of our consultants.

Have you ever experienced any awkward salary-related issues in the interview process?


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