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News from Signet - 1st October 2014

Choosing a recruitment partner can be a stressful occasion.  There are so many to choose from and it is easy to believe that they all offer the same.  Like online dating there are numerous websites to look at, all promising hope for the future, but often not meeting up to expectations.

Like any industry there are some recruitment businesses that are better, some that are more niche and others that are just not very good at what they do….

So if you are looking to hire and want to work with a recruitment business to makes that process smoother, there are key things to consider.  Like dating, the relationship has to work, you have to know what both parties are interested in.  What they want for an outcome and then decide if you are both in it for the long haul.

Cash conscious

Some recruiters may just want your money rather than a relationship.  They will be looking to just fill the role rather than creating a placement that will impact your business long term.  I’d steer clear of them personally, although they may wine and dine you in order to impress.

Quick to finish

Some will be all about speed, and work on the principal of first past the post. They will want to deliver the article quicker than the competition.  However, the thing to consider is whether you want a quick result or the right result.

Long term love

If you are looking to build a long term relationship rather than a quick fix affair, I would select an agency based on reputation, market specialism, ability and service proposal.  Cost is an important consideration, however, personally, when I am looking to hire I don’t mind paying extra for an outstanding service which allows me to focus on my day job rather than worrying about the hire I need to make.

Questions to consider

Does your recruiter want to meet you?  Online relationships can be fickle, test the waters by meeting and seeing what they can offer.

Can they back up with details, testimonials and case studies?  Or have they a string of broken relationships behind them?

Do they understand you, know what your business is about, and understand growth plan and how that impacts the role you are looking for?  Are they going to commit to you long term rather than being a one job stand.

Have they an understanding of how to approach the market? Have they a strong base on LinkedIn, are they active in their industry, will they be able to try and find you someone based on the strength of their network?

And then….

When trying to find a new recruitment partner, make sure you ask the right questions of them to ensure the match is right.

How do they interview?

Will they meet people face to face?

How do they qualify?  Will they take references, talk to ex colleagues.

Will they be honest and up front with feedback?

Will they ensure the candidate always has a fantastic impression of your business?

Will they promise to never let you down?

It is a lot to consider.

Making the commitment

Like any relationships, the one between business and recruiter needs to be based on trust and an open understanding of where both parties want to end up.  A relationship that has hidden pockets and a base mistrust is never going to be successful.

I would always advise monogamy.  Working with lots of agencies on the same job means that no one is committing to you in the way you desire.  Whilst you can go on multiple dates, eventually you will have to choose the right one to settle down with…

As always, if you are looking to recruit through a business based on resourcing with integrity – please get in touch.



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