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News from Signet - 18th March 2015

Did you know 2015 was when Generation Z came of age to join the workplace?

If you are like me, you can probably remember when Generation X was still a toddler.

But blimey, the younger Generation Y are in their late teens, and some are in their early thirties.

We have three generations in our workforce, a huge amount of diversity and lots of talent to utilise…

But how do we motivate and develop?

Hopefully, our next free breakfast seminar on Tuesday the 28th of April will give you some ideas….

We are lucky enough to have David Yeabsley from The People Animators coming into our business to deliver an interactive workshop on the challenges of bringing together, developing and motivating Generation X, Y, and the new Z’s!

The session will aim to explore the different ways managers can develop and motivate across the generations and how each generation can learn from each other’s strengths and ways of working to maximise the benefits of diversity in views, skills, knowledge and experiences.

Who should come along?

This workshop will suit individuals who hold responsibility for a team in their business and want to improve their management by being able to motivate an ever-changing and diverse working population.

Topics we will be discussing…

  • Definitions X,Y and Z – the reality and stereotype behaviours
  • Challenges in developing and motivating each generation – “The trouble with….!”
  • Realising the needs of each generation
  • Opportunities to learn for each generation
  • What can your company do to maximise the benefits offered by each generation

Want to join us?

If you are keen to know more, or want to reserve a space at our free seminar, the details are:

Tuesday 28th April

At Signet Resources offices in Maidenhead

Starting at 8am for local networking and breakfast, then the main seminar will begin at 9am promptly and run through until 11am.


Please email: to reserve a space or please call on 01628 817124.

Or if you are Generation Y you may want to tweet us @signetresources.

Look forward to hearing from you.




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