Meet the Team: James H, Resourcer - Signet Resources

News from Signet - 19th June 2013

At Signet Resources, we provide bespoke recruitment solutions and always commit to attain the highest possible standards. For those of you who were wondering who the people are behind the outstanding recruitment performance, here is an insight into our team!

 Hi James, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for us – let’s get started!


1. How long have you been at Signet Resources?

2 months


2. What’s your role and what does it entail?

Resourcer – working with candidates to understand their unique skills and what they are looking for in their careers, then getting them placed in their perfect job!


3. What did you always want to be growing up?

Left back for Liverpool FC


4. Favourite recruitment disaster story?

Having a candidate turn up for their first day at work, to find that their first day wasn’t for 2 weeks!


5. If you could choose any famous person to join the office who would it be and why?

Al Pacino – I’d love to see him interviewing a candidate


6. Office place snack of choice?

Nothing beats the almighty biscuit


7. If you could move the office to anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

NYC at the top of the empire state building


8. Do you have any workplace secrets you want to get off your chest?

Absolutely nothing, I’m an open book


9. What animal would you be?



10.  Favourite co-worker and why?

I’d have to say Jane, she’s not always in the office but when she is it’s always interesting



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