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Job Offers: 5 things you should consider... - Signet Resources

Candidates - 18th May 2017

Getting an offer for a new job feels pretty amazing, and most of us all tend to immediately focus on the salary on offer as the main point.  However, at the point of offer there is plenty more you should be considering.

Things to consider when getting a job offer.

Do the benefits match what you need?

Benefits are important, and not always mentioned on the offer letter.  Ideally you should be aware of the company benefits before progressing to offer, but if not  – now is the time to ensure you fully understand your entire compensation package.  Holidays, life assurance, everything down to gym membership – make sure you read and are comfortable with everything on offer.

It is not all about the money…

First and foremost – the role has to be right.  It is never a pay check that keeps you going to your job day after day.  It is the activity within the role, the challenges it presents and the future prospects that are offered that keep an employee engaged.  Make sure you have enough information about the day-to-day tasks before saying yes.

Culture Match

Hopefully by now you have met the team and spent some time in the business.  Does it feel like a fit?  Have you met the team, do you know the manager?

For me, when I look at a new opportunity I really want to get under the skin of the business to make sure I am going to be happy long-term – as I don’t want to be back out job hunting in six months.

Work life balance – that is right for you

When considering an offer, ensure you know how the business approaches a work/life balance.  Is flexible working important to you?  Is it offered?   Are you someone who likes to put extra hours in – is this culturally accepted?  You know what is important to you – ensure it is on the table with the offer.

The Future

For me, this is most important, and something I discuss with my candidates all the way through the process – before accepting any job offer you need to ensure that your future ambitions can be met in this position – if not you will find yourself scrolling through the job adverts before long.

Salary can be a short-term gain, but strong career prospects will retain you forever.



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