Interview do's and don'ts

Candidates - 20th June 2012


  • Do Turn up Early- Making a good first impression is vital and lateness is a major faux pas. Waking up extra early and preparing the day before will help to avoid traffic and outfit related emergencies.  If you know you’re running  late call ahead to warn your interviewer.
  • Do Research the Night Before- Nothing is worse in an interview than a long pause  or a blank stare- especially if that’s your response to a basic question regarding the company your interviewing for. Prepare thoroughly by researching the company’s core values and the job specification so you can avoid blank moments!
  • Do Remember to Bring all your Documents- Turning up to an interview without your details only means you’ll be returning with them at a later date.  Always bring your passport to an interview.
  • Do Relax: Interviews can be scary. Control nerves by practising and taking a deep breath before you answer a question. Remember to smile and keep good eye contact with your interviewer- They are human too!



  • Bad Mouth your Last Employer: Being negative about your previous job or employer is not only unprofessional but reflects badly on your character. Remember new companies will always contact old employers for references- So don’t burn your bridges!
  • Don’t ask about Holiday Leave: While holidays are very important resist the temptation to ask how many you get – It reflects badly if you’re planning to be away before you even have the job.
  • Don’t Swear- No matter how animated your interviewer gets or how prolifically they swear remain professional at all times. While it is advisable to show off your personality and be enthusiastic in an interview remember to stay professional.
  • Don’t Answer your Mobile- Never answer a phone call mid interview. The best way to avoid interruptions is to have it switched off and out of sight.
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