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News from Signet - 25th September 2014

I think in the face of adversity we all surprise ourselves, by how we cope, how we react and how it shapes us as an individual.

Today’s blog is not about recruitment, or interviewing, or tips on what to wear to get that job that you desire.  Instead it is an insight into one of Signet’s business owners private life, showing how she is facing adversity head on and trying to make a difference.

We run a pretty tight ship at Signet, and being a small office, we know each others families, stories and share our tales of happiness and woe. A year ago we were deeply saddened by the news that our M.D’s mother had been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour, and a year on we are still supporting her as her mother bravely fights on against the horror that is cancer.

shine the night

The cancer is terminal, but Nicky is still finding ways to fight against it, and this weekend she will be walking 13 miles with friends and family through the night to raise money for Cancer Research UK to try to raise valuable funds to make a difference to help putting an end to Cancer.

She is an inspiration.

Each year in the UK, over 9,400 people, including around 400 children, are diagnosed with tumours that start in the brain or elsewhere in the central nervous system. But they can be hard to treat and around 5,000 people in the UK lose their lives to the disease every year.  Every penny counts.

I have worked at Signet for over seven years and Nicky is a constant source of positivism and motivation for me, and  has become a close friend as well as my official boss.  Myself and the office wish her lots of luck for Saturday – knowing she won’t need it at all, but sending it all the same.

If you have a loose pound in your pocket and want to sponsor her and send well wishes, please visit her Just Giving page here.


The Signet Team

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