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Candidates - 3rd May 2016

Dress to Impress


What to wear? Is it Casual? Formal? Business?

I am a firm believer in creating that great first impression, one that can open doors and create the opportunities you never knew were possible.  Typically preparing for your interview involves researching the company, who you are meeting, and sometimes overlook something I personally enjoy about preparing for an interview.

What am I going to wear?

It can be that simple yet crucial factor in creating the ‘great first impression’ that will push you over and above all other candidates. Ultimately it’s what you say or do that will determine your fate but – It takes a complete stranger a split second to decide on a positive or negative opinion based on your appearance alone.


Fashion comes and goes on a weekly basis but being stylish, sleek and comfortable is the key.


Everyone has different opinions on what to wear – after doing a bit of research the overall verdict is whether or not you are applying for a job that will require formal dress, you should always choose something formal for your interview. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wear a full suit and tie every time but always dress your best.


Top tips for dressing for an interview;

Be Confident

Own what you wear, be 100% confident and don’t be afraid. Knowing that you look good helps meaning that you can focus all your energy on the interview ahead. ‘Be yourself’ is a very overused phrase however it’s something I live by – I never feel more confident than when I am wearing something I feel amazing in and this shows in your interview. Confidence is the key.

Shoes are noticed

Before you even get a chance to open your mouth your interviewer will glance at what you’re wearing from head to toe, finishing at your shoes. If your shoes are not comfortable it will show, remember you never know how far you will have to walk.  It could be to the other side of the building. Take ownership of those shoes and walk like you mean it. Always make sure they are clean and polished, a closed toe mid-heel is a safe option for women, and while everyone thinks black is best – I am one for wearing something on your feet that will stand out. Nothing too extreme a nice print/pastel colour with complimenting colours with add that extra spring into your step.

Now Gentleman I haven’t forgotten about you, your shoes matter just as much as women’s. Teaming a smart polished brogue with a clean suit makes all the difference, something contrasting is always a plus.


This is a tricky one.  I’m torn on the point of all black attire for an interview or breaking it up. My comfort zone is black, when in doubt I always wear black – black dress with black heels and black jacket, but is that boring or corporate? Does it just make you blend in with the background or with other candidates? After talking to various professionals at different levels the overall thoughts are black is good – however adding a splash of print or colour stops you blending in, and you’re more likely to be remembered.

Men – I find that staying away from black is best. Navy and grey seem to be the go to colours for suits, changing up the material and by adding a modern twist with coloured socks will mean you’re always remembered (subtle coloured socks – no cartoon character’s please!)

Most importantly… Smile!

A smile is the best weapon at your disposal. Always start with a big smile, no matter how nervous you are. . It will break the ice and start things on a positive note. All in all, what your wear is can make a difference. The main thing is your comfortable and confident in yourself.


“You can have anything in life if you dress for it” – Edith Head



Rebecca Chapman

Signet Resources – Recruitment Resourcer

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