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Case Study - Pampered Chef


The Pampered Chef contacted Signet Resources when they were looking to move their customer service function from Chicago.

They would be looking to hire three executives and one manager, and ideally they were all needed as soon as possible.

Action Plan

So we sat with the key members of the business and discussed what they were looking for, we identified competencies which would highlight the skills needed for the role. Background wasn’t the key identifying factor to getting this piece of recruitment right, it was more about the person, their beliefs and personality that would get them hired.

How we did it

Utilizing our broad advertising network we advertised on behalf of the Pampered Chef, using their logo we were able to build the brand as well as look for new recruits. We didn’t charge a fee up front but agreed that we would manage the positions exclusively. Alongside advertising we spoke to our network, looking for great candidates to be referred to us, we also promoted the roles on twitter and linked in and spent time searching the websites for strong, customer focused candidates.

In total we received well over 1500 applications.

How did it go

Over 100 people were phone interviewed for the roles and a further twenty seven invited in to meet with Signet for a in depth competency based interview and a final twelve were sent to meet The Pampered Chef which resulted in four brilliant people getting fantastic new roles.

All our client had to do was spend time with us at the start and turn up to the interviews at the end.

What the client said…

This is what Geoff Horrigan; Business Director of the Pampered Chef had to say about the service…

"The Pampered Chef prides itself on having a professional, competent and friendly office and, when building our new Customer Service Centre in the UK, it was most important to us that time was taken to ensure that we found the right people to join us.

Signet took time to listen to our needs and to understand our business and culture. They then looked at the marketplace as a whole to source the best candidates to put forward to join our business.

We are absolutely delighted with our new professional Team, who have integrated into our office extremely well and we thank Signet for their commitment to finding the "right" people.

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