Another successful breakfast seminar at Signet Resources on Generation X... Y... Z! - Signet Resources

Candidates - 28th April 2015

This morning we held a breakfast seminar free to all clients on managing and developing a team of Generations X, Y and Z’s! We discussed and explored the challenges that businesses face with the different generations of people who are now in the working environment. Do you know what generation you fall under? Any ideas on what the next generation will be called?

The seminar was aimed at HR, Training Managers and all business managers who are responsible for developing and motivated an ever-changing and diverse workforce.

Clients described it as “thought-provoking”, “entertaining” and an “interesting” session that will definitely help moving forwards in maximising the views, skills, knowledge and experience of each generation within their team.

Did you attend this morning’s seminar? Would you like to attend our next one?

Date for the next seminar will be Tuesday 23rd June 2015, subject details to be confirmed. To keep up-to-date on the Signet Resources FREE breakfast seminars please follow us on LinkedIn

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