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Interim News - 22nd May 2014


Are you looking for a new permanent opportunity and struggling to find the right one for you?  Have you been out of work for a while and you’re not sure what step to take next?  Job hunting is extremely difficult, especially with the added worry of that unemployment gap on your CV getting bigger and bigger, so why not add value to your CV by the demonstration of temporary work placements?

Temporary work placements are a great way of adding greater depth to your CV, proving your willingness to be flexible and showing a commitment to furthering your experience and widening your range of skill set.  Temporary workers can add great value to a company, providing flexibility and a convenient solution for both employee and candidate.

Temporary work can provide candidates with  a great way to further their experience of different working environments, whilst also helping to keep you in the work place and helping build on your confidence.  It can alternatively be a helpful route in finding your way back into employment after a significant period out of work, opening the door to potential further permanent opportunities, whilst providing a way to gradually ease yourself in.




Temporary work can also offer candidates an easy way to network and make new contacts which can be beneficial in the future, providing a great opportunity to make a fantastic first impression.  It also makes a great statement on a CV, evidencing a candidates willingness to work and further their skill set – why not sell yourself to the best of your ability by evidencing a vast array of qualifications and training.

Temporary work can also be ideal if you’re searching for flexibility and variety within a role, particularly convenient if you are looking for work that can be moulded around certain lifestyles and commitments.  Many companies are often looking for reliable hard working candidates to join their temporary work forces and can offer good pay and diverse working environments.  Recruiters will also appreciate that temporary assignments on a CV evidence a wide range of marketable skills, with a willingness to be adaptable screaming volumes to hiring managers.


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