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Candidates - 21st June 2017

Having a social media strategy when looking for a new job is crucial.  With so many platforms to represent yourself on, and more and more stories of candidates losing out on offers because of inappropriate content on their social media, you need to ensure you are switched on, socially.

Put simply, your social media presence can help or hinder that job search.

It is a natural instinct in many recruiters to read a CV and then visit the same person’s LinkedIn profile, it is amazing how often the two don’t marry up which can instantly raise concerns in a future employers eyes.

Sorting out your social presence

Firstly – make sure it matches.

Your CV and LinkedIn profile should mirror in terms of dates and companies you have worked for.  However using the two to display different information about yourself can be powerful.  Your CV is designed to be a selling tool, showing your skills via the written word.  Your LinkedIn profile can contain similar data but you can boost it with fantastic testimonials and use your public profile to highlight your key skills.

Be social

It sounds daft, but many people still use LinkedIn as a static platform without engaging or interacting.  Connecting with recruiters and senior players in the industry is useless unless you start a conversation.

Use your connections to introduce you to people in their network who you would be keen to work with.  Speak to the people you connect with.

Use the platform to show your market specialism, engage with other business professionals on similar topics and share or write relevant blogs.

A little can go a long way.

Be a follower not a leader

But only when it comes to following companies you want to work for.

You can use LinkedIn to follow businesses, and it handily notifies you when someone leaves or starts with the company.  This is invaluable data for a job seeker, knowing a new HR Director has started may mean they are looking to build a team, likewise knowing a HRBP has just left may mean there is an opening.

Knowledge is power.


All platforms can be used to research businesses before an interview and should be done as a matter of course.  See what your potential future company tweets about, look at the background of their staff, read press releases, and look at their Facebook page.

Demonstrate this research in your interview, talk to them about the topics they are discussing online, it is a great way to show off the depths you have gone to.

Think before sharing with the world

A word of caution, social media isn’t private.  Moaning about your boss on Twitter, posting numerous photos to Instagram during the working day and being a Facebook fanatic when you should be writing marketing reports doesn’t show you in your best light to a future employer.

Check your profiles all show you in the best possible light and keep it clean and you will find having a positive social presence can only help not hinder in your job search



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